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At our Gatlinburg restaurant, you will find some of the best chefs in the Smokies. With their innovative talents and unique ideas, the chefs at The Greenbrier have come up with a delicious menu where every dish is made with the freshest and highest quality ingredients. We want guests to feel like dining with us is unlike anything they’ve experienced before. Here are 3 things you should know about the chef-driven menu at The Greenbrier Restaurant:

1. All of the Steak is Dry Aged

dry aged steak with onion on topOne of the most important things you should know about our menu is that all of the steaks have been dry aged. Our restaurant is the only one in the Smokies with prime dry aged steak. If you’ve never heard of dry aged steak, you may be wondering what sets it apart from other cuts of beef. Just like cheese and wine, steak that has been aged has a deepened and enhanced flavor. At most steakhouses, you expect steaks to be juicy, but with the dry aging process, steaks are placed in a humidity controlled environment. Moisture and bacteria growth are controlled in this environment, creating the incredible flavor people associate with dry aged beef. At The Greenbrier Restaurant, our executive chefs watch over the dry aging process from beginning to end because all of it is done in house. Once you bite into one of our dry aged steaks, you’ll be able to taste the care put into the food!

2. Use High-Quality, Fresh Ingredients

Another fact you should know about our chef-driven menu is we only use the highest-quality ingredients. Every item on the menu is hand selected by the chefs to serve to our guests, and you’ll feel comfortable knowing all of the food is fresh. You can’t go wrong sharing the baked meatballs in an espagnole sauce or gulf shrimp stuffed with lumped crab, breadcrumbs, and herbs baked in a lemon caper sauce. Our sous-vide, citrus-brined chicken is served over cornbread dressing and a strawberry balsamic glaze, or you can get seared scallops served with a beurre blanc and chimichurri sauce. To go with your entree, you can choose from broccolini, asparagus, purple dragon carrot, mushroom risotto, or herb smashed potatoes. No matter what you decide to try on our chef-driven menu, you’ll find it delicious!

3. Offers Rare Wines and Whiskeys

bottles of wine on display at the greenbrier restaurantAt The Greenbrier Restaurant, we are known for offering rare wines and whiskeys, in addition to other spirits. If you look through our drink menu, you’ll find a huge selection of reds, whites, and sparklings for wine, and there are ryes, bourbons, blended whiskeys, and so much more to choose from. We even offer exclusive opportunities for guests to come in and taste some of the most sought-after wines and whiskeys on the market. In addition to these incredible spirits, you’ll also be able to taste signature cocktails made by house mixologists, and you won’t find these flavors anywhere else! The Dylan is the most popular signature cocktail, but others you might want to try include the Lydia, a Crockett, or a Brier Fire.

Now you know more about our chef-driven menu and why you should come eat with us. Want to know more about our menu or have other questions? Reach out to The Greenbrier Restaurant, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!

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