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The Greenbrier Unmatched Dining Experience

The Greenbrier Restaurant is an unparalleled steakhouse nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains. Renowned for its innovative menu items, The Greenbrier Chefs combine the best ingredients and create uniquely delicious dishes. From its premium dry-aged cuts of beef to the rarest wines and whiskeys, we are dedicated to providing the finest steaks, cocktails and wine.

In the words of our Chefs

The Greenbrier is a chef-driven restaurant that offers the best and freshest ingredients and a rare in-house dry-aging process. Our chefs’ unique and creative qualities shine through our exceptional menu. All of the rare qualities that make up The Greenbrier Restaurant, starts with our team!

Charlie Ward: Sous Chef

The Greenbrier Chef - Charlie Ward

Quick Facts About Charlie

  • Walters State Rel Maples Institute for Culinary Arts Graduate
  • Studied both hot foods and pastries concentrations while attending Walters State Rel Maples Institute for Culinary Arts
  • Favorite food and drink pairing at The Greenbrier: Dry-aged NY Strip or Prime Rib and a Dylan

“Every dish needs to be perfect. If it’s not, we need to fix it. We take ownership of our guests’ experience to make sure they enjoy themselves. We want guests to walk out the door feeling like they want to come back and tell their friends about their experience. From our dry-aged steaks to our fresh high-quality ingredients, you won’t find another restaurant in Gatlinburg like The Greenbrier.”

Logan Rodgers: Executive Sous Chef

The Greenbrier Chef - Logan Rodgers

Quick Facts About Logan

  • Extensive, in kitchen, chef experience ranging from meat fabrication to various cooking methods.
  • Self Studied: Molecular Gastronomy
  • Favorite food and drink pairing at The Greenbrier: Dry-aged Sirloin and a Cabernet Sauvignon

“The energy you put into your food, ends up in the final product. When you have teammates that are all in good spirits and lift each other up, you work as a team you end up with a really good product. When you have great energy from prep to plate, you come together to make something really special.”

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The Greenbrier - A Food & Spirit Outpost