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Before your main course, you might be interested in trying out one of our delicious starters prepared by our talented chefs. We have many unique options to get you in the mood for our main dishes. What is also great about starters is they can be shared by your party at the table! Here are our top 4 starters at the best restaurant in Gatlinburg TN:

1. Cheese Board

cheese boardAre you interested in sampling many delicious artisanal cheeses selected by our talented chefs? You can have this when you order our Cheese Board starter! Each order will not be the same! Expect a surprise each time you order this dish. Because our chefs have artistic choice, they can select different foods and flavors and create an artistic invention. You will love the artistic representation that pairs together when you order the cheese board!

2. Duck Confit Egg Rolls

Ready to get out of your comfort zone? Consider ordering our Duck Confit Egg Rolls! We take soba noodles and marinate them to perfection. Our duck is slow cooked allowing all the flavors to show in this dish. Top it with our sweet hoisin vinaigrette and you’ll be hooked! You will receive a few of the Duck Confit Egg Rolls and have enough for everyone to try a sample at your table. If this is your first time trying duck, this is a great start to eating this delicious meat!

3. Ahi Tuna

ahi tuna on white plateDo you enjoy refreshing starters? Try our popular Ahi Tuna starter at the best restaurant in Gatlinburg TN. We take rare seared tuna and crust it in sesames to create a nice crisp crust. The flavor doesn’t stop there! Enjoy the spiced soy reduction glaze for a sauce. The starter dish is paired with a pea tendril salad, daikon, and carrots with yuzu vinaigrette on top. Finish this starter refreshed and ready for your main course and continued experience at our restaurant! Pair your Ahi Tuna with one of our drinks like the Arius Pinot Noir!

4.Stuffed Meatballs

If you are looking for some of the most delicious meatballs, you’ve got to try our Stuffed Meatballs starter at the best restaurant in Gatlinburg TN! The meatballs are not only presented beautifully on the plate, but are tasty as well. We take only the best ground steak and pork trim and then stuff them with spices, herbs, and fresh mozzarella. The hand rolled meatballs are then topped with rich tomato sauce, ricotta, and fresh herbs. Pair your savory starter with a rustic piece of bread to eat on its own or use to dip in your tomato sauce. You’ll enjoy every bite!

Now you know our top 4 starters at the best restaurant in Gatlinburg TN. These delicious starters are only some of our most popular options at our restaurant. There are many more savory starters to choose from including our cheese board and pork belly and ribs. Explore our food menu and begin planning your main dish and sides to enjoy after your tasty starter!

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