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The Greenbrier Invites You To Dine At Our Historic Restaurant

In the late 19th century, long before the National Park was established, tales of life in the Great Smoky Mountains began drawing visitors to the area from far and wide. Boasting some of the highest ridgelines found in the Appalachian Mountain Range, the Greenbrier area of the Smokies became well-known for its natural beauty and vast resources, where crops thrived and game was plentiful.

A Historic Lodge in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Situated on a ridge in the same area that provoked such wonder and imagination, The Greenbrier Restaurant is a food and spirit outpost. Going back in mountain folklore to the late 1930s, the historic building of The Greenbrier was once a secluded mountain lodge, frequented by the wealthy hunters, loggers and hikers that all made their way through the area.

Nearly a century later, the legendary lodge still stands as a haven for all seeking to explore the wonder of the Smokies. As a food and spirit outpost, The Greenbrier offers a culinary experience that inspires the same awe and imagination that was once provoked in the early settlers and travelers.

New Tastes and Mountain Traditions

Wander in for a drink and a small bite from our Walkers Union bar menu, where you’ll find tantalizing dishes such as pan-fried oysters and smoked chicken wings. Enjoy dinner overlooking the ridge side and experience the flavors of our ever-changing Main Menu, where you’ll find everything from filet of beef and rack of lamb, to pan-fried rabbit and seared duck breast.

The Greenbrier Restaurant offers a flavorful dining experience steeped in rich local history. We invite you to join us at our historic location in Gatlinburg, TN.

The Greenbrier Restaurant - Gatlinburg, TN
The Greenbrier - A Food & Spirit Outpost
Greenbrier Fish and Chips
The Greenbrier - A Food & Spirit Outpost