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While we take pride in our unique chef-driven food menu and house specialties, we are also incredibly proud of our extensive drink menu. Our master mixologists and chefs have created a one-of-a-kind drink menu featuring everything from top-shelf spirits to craft cocktails for you to enjoy. Here is everything you need to know about our drinks at The Greenbrier restaurant:

Walkers’ Union

walker union at The Greenbrier RestaurantThe Walkers’ Union represents more than just delicious beverages. Chef Aaron Ward put it best when he said, “Walkers’ Union is a place where we can all come together. We travel in one dimension over hill and holler to find a place that makes us feel welcome.” At The Greenbrier Restaurant, we want you to feel welcome and enjoy the drinks that we have carefully selected for you among your friends and family. Enjoying the magic of the surrounding mountains with your favorite drink in your hand is an unbeatable feeling and one that we want you to enjoy every time you visit us.

Greenbrier Whiskey Society

For exclusive opportunities to taste some of the most sought-after whiskeys and bourbons offered today, check out The Greenbrier Whiskey Society. With a luxurious selection and legacy brands, you will be blown away by the selection of drinks the society provides. Greenbrier Whiskey Society meets on the third Thursday of every month and is always bringing new options to the table. Sign up to be a member of the society today and begin the journey of finding your new favorite whiskeys and bourbons.

Greenbrier Women of Wine

wine from The Greenbrier RestaurantFor the ladies who love a glass of red or white, The Greenbrier Women of Wine is the place for you. A place to connect, rejuvenate, and indulge with your fellow wine enthusiasts, this organization is open to the public and everyone is invited. If the men in your life love wine as much as you, feel free to bring them along as well. The Greenbrier Women of Wine meets on the first Thursday of every month, so if you’re also a member of the Greenbrier Whiskey Society, you won’t have to double-book yourself or miss one for the other.

Our Extensive Menu

At The Greenbrier restaurant, we have worked hard to create a drink menu with the best cocktails, whiskeys, spirits, wine, and beers throughout the country and the world. In the words of our House Mixologist, Brooklyn Steinway, “Mixology occurs where liquor and art meet. We pride ourselves on using the finest alcohol and fresh, house-made ingredients to create our unique cocktails.”

When you experience all the drinks at The Greenbrier, you’re drinking art. Art that was carefully crafted and selected for you to enjoy alongside five-star dishes or by themselves. We guarantee you’ll find a beverage at our Gatlinburg restaurant that will leave you coming back for another sip.

Now that you know all about our drinks at The Greenbrier restaurant, you can start deciding which beverage you want to accompany your meal next time you dine with us. Explore 5 food and drink pairings you should try at our restaurant in Gatlinburg TN

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